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Osama's first artistic expression was in the form of calligraphy at Madarasa, and the technique stayed with him wherever he went after. Over the years, due to his strong inclination towards the arts, he has used art as an expression without being formally trained in the field. Looking back at the last five years, art became a form of digital detoxification, and along with a sense of gaining control over emotions, art gained a feeling of catharsis for him. When people all over the world were facing subjugation and isolation, the use of hands to express and not just digital means helped him connect and channel his emotions into creation and exploration. And so, Manzarnama is a collection of Osama's ideas come to life.  

Osama Manzar is a global leader on the mission of eradicating information poverty from India and the global south using digital tools through an organisation he co-founded in 2002.