Handlooms and Digital

Handlooms and Digital />


The seventh of August is celebrated as National Handloom Day, a day to honour and empower India's traditional weavers and artisans. But if you're wondering what does the handloom industry have to do with the digital, this week's TypeRight takes a dive into DEF's (Digital Empowerment Foundation) work surrounding digital and financial inclusion of the handloom weavers and artisans, and also our DigiKargha initiative.

On 7th August, 1905, the Swadeshi Movement was launched in Town Hall, Calcutta, as part of the larger Indian independence struggle, responding to the British orders of partitioning Bengal. One of the core ideas, from which last decades Make in India has been inspired, was the boycott of foreign goods and a focus on locally made, handloom clothes. It was in commemoration of this that 110 years later in 2015, the first national handloom day was inaugurated.

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