Silk Chirala Saree

Green silk sareee with red pallu, rich border and patterns running across the body.

MRP ₹ 6,750

Pooja is here to help you in trying to keep up with your traditions and rituals with her prosperous green outlook.


This product has been woven by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These minor differences in the weave are just as much part of the charm as its other unique features, and as a whole finally made it to your hands.

Material- Pure Cotton
Size Saree Length– 6.5 mtr
Color- Light Pink
Blouse- Yes
Origin Country- India

'Chirala' translates to saree in Telugu. Weavers of Chirala have excelled in the art of handloom weaving for centuries. Multiple techniques are used to create these sarees, one of them being Hand butta which is a design feature of Chirala sarees, where colours are manually added in-between the zari design Even before the 18th century, these weavers made 7-yard sarees that could fit in a matchbox, showing perfection, precision, and excellence in their art form. Chirala is famous for its handloom weaving of both silk and cotton as well as mix of each other. Handloom fabrics of Chirala are soft and most comfortable to wear which suites every climate. At Digikargha we aspire to enhance their livelihood by giving them opportunities and connecting them to the market.

Travelling around or switching between different occassions, Chirala sarees will easily fit into every bit never letting one feel out of place.

Delivery Time- 10-12 days
Normal Hand Wash
Crafted with love
Digikargha invites you to celebrate rural artisanry through a journey that starts with digitally empowered artisans and ends with those who share an aesthetic sense of expressing themselves consciously.

Authentic handmade products speaking the language of rural India.
Better livlihood, craftsmanship and creative styling driving Artisan DigiPreneurs.
Cherishing rich history and tradition entwined with the threads of love, care and wisdom.
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