Handmade Paper Notebook - Double Folded

MRP ₹ 499

The Handmade Paper Notebook with a cover made from recycled fabric has a distinct product personality that combines elements of sustainability, creativity, and individuality.

This notebook exudes a sense of eco-consciousness and responsibility towards the environment. With its cover crafted from recycled fabric, it symbolizes a commitment to reducing waste and minimizing one's ecological footprint. The use of recycled materials gives the notebook a unique character, as each cover boasts its own pattern, texture, and color, making it stand out from mass-produced alternatives.

The notebook also embodies creativity and artistic expression. The handmade paper pages provide a canvas for thoughts, ideas, sketches, and doodles to come to life. The tactile quality of the paper adds a sensory element to the writing experience, encouraging users to connect with their creativity on a deeper level. The notebook serves as a companion for individuals who appreciate the beauty of the written word and the act of putting pen to paper.

The Handmade Paper Notebook with a cover made from recycled fabric is a unique and eco-friendly stationery item that combines sustainability with creativity. This notebook is an excellent choice for those who appreciate handmade products and wish to reduce their environmental impact.

The cover of this notebook is crafted from recycled fabric, which adds a touch of character and individuality to each piece. The use of recycled fabric not only gives the notebook a distinct look but also helps in minimizing waste by repurposing materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. The fabric cover can vary in texture, pattern, and color, depending on the source material used, making each notebook truly one-of-a-kind.

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Wipe with a dry cloth.

Crafted with love
Digikargha invites you to celebrate rural artisanry through a journey that starts with digitally empowered artisans and ends with those who share an aesthetic sense of expressing themselves consciously.

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