Crafted Comfort Sling Bag

Handcrafted Uni-sex leather sling bag

MRP ₹ 1,699

The skilled leather artisans of Tilonia have meticulously hand-embossed a charming floral motif onto this exquisite leather Tote bag. Every stitch has been carefully crafted by hand, showcasing the artisans' dedication to their craft. Designed with convenience in mind, this wallet features slots specifically tailored for carrying credit cards, an inside pocket secured with a zipper closure, and a handy snapped pocket for keeping your coins organized. Combining practicality with affordability, this wallet embodies a rustic charm that will enhance your everyday style.

Size-5.5 X 8.5 X 3

Material- Leather

Craft- Hand Crafted

The craft lineage of leather bags in India is deeply rooted in centuries-old traditions and expertise. Indian artisans have been honing their leatherworking skills for generations, passing down their knowledge and techniques from master to apprentice. This rich heritage is reflected in the exceptional craftsmanship found in Indian leather bags.

Various regions in India are renowned for their distinct leatherworking traditions. For instance, Tilonia, located in Rajasthan, is known for its skilled leather artisans who create beautifully handcrafted bags. These artisans employ a combination of hand embossing, stitching, and other intricate techniques to create exquisite designs. 

Size -8" x 5.5"

Material- Leather

Craft- Hand Crafted

The leather used in Indian bags often comes from high-quality sources and is meticulously selected to ensure durability and longevity. Traditional tanning methods, using natural materials such as vegetable extracts, are often employed to preserve the integrity of the leather and imbue it with a unique character.

Each leather bag produced in India is a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the artisans. The dedication and skill involved in the creation process result in timeless pieces that showcase the country's rich cultural heritage and serve as a symbol of quality and style.

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Hand-clean with white clothes.

Crafted with love
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