• Afsaana


Handmade Note-pad

Asaana diaries hand made by rural women of Rajasthan. 

MRP ₹ 150

Whether you purchase this stunning notebook diary for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone special, you can be assured of its quality, durability, and timeless beauty. Embrace the artistry and cultural richness of Rajasthan with this handcrafted masterpiece that will inspire you to create, dream, and express yourself in the most enchanting way possible.

Usually dispatch with 2 business days

Crafted with love
Digikargha invites you to celebrate rural artisanry through a journey that starts with digitally empowered artisans and ends with those who share an aesthetic sense of expressing themselves consciously.

Authentic handmade products speaking the language of rural India.
Better livlihood, craftsmanship and creative styling driving Artisan DigiPreneurs.
Cherishing rich history and tradition entwined with the threads of love, care and wisdom.
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