Cotton Musiri Saree

Lemon green cotton saree with stripes of green and black on pallu and brown border

MRP ₹ 1,990

Enjoy summer with this beautiful lemon green saree with beatle green stripe in pallu.  In the image  model wearing the blouse is only for representation. It comes with an unstitched version of the blouse in beatle green colour.


This product has been woven by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These minor differences in the weave are just as much part of the charm as its other unique features, and as a whole finally made it to your hands. Also the color rendition of the products may vary according to the ambient lighting conditions and the color calibration of digital LED devices

Material -Pure Cotton
Size Saree Length – 6.5 mtr
Color - Lemon
Blouse -Yes (Unstitched)
Origin Country India

Musiri is predominantly a cluster of weavers who hail from low-income families and mostly weave cotton sarees or veshti (dhotis). Weaving is a family tradition and the entire family is involved in the weaving process. Interestingly, children start weaving as early as at the age of 10. Women in the households spend about 3-4 hours separating and spinning the thread while men work on the loom for about 8 hours a day. Producing a simple saree or three dhotis takes about two to 2-3 days. Digikargha aims to digitally empower the weaver community of the region in order to bring them out of poverty & information darkness to lead them towards better livelihood opportunities. There are some fabrics which make one look good and there are few other which make one feel good. Musiri sarees fall under the latter category and it comes as no surprise if one starts acquring a taste for them after trying one on.

Delivery Time- Normally dispach within 2 working days. 

Normal hand wash, dry away from direct sunlight.

Crafted with love
Digikargha invites you to celebrate rural artisanry through a journey that starts with digitally empowered artisans and ends with those who share an aesthetic sense of expressing themselves consciously.

Authentic handmade products speaking the language of rural India.
Better livlihood, craftsmanship and creative styling driving Artisan DigiPreneurs.
Cherishing rich history and tradition entwined with the threads of love, care and wisdom.
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