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Silk Chanderi Dupatta

Green silk dupatta with golden zari patterns spread across the body and golden border.

MRP ₹ 1,650

Do you want to gently remind the cultural richness so that we celebrate more? Let Kriya tag along with you.


This product has been woven by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These minor differences in the weave are just as much part of the charm as its other unique features, and as a whole finally made it to your hands.

Chanderi is a town rich in heritage, culture, tradition, art and handloom that dates as far back as 10th century AD. At present, the town boasts about 3,500 weaver families and an equal number of handlooms. Chanderi sarees are produced from three kinds of fabric: pure silk (usually Mulberry silk), Chanderi cotton and silk cotton. Traditional coin, floral art, peacocks and modern geometric designs are woven into different patterns that are largely inspired by the beautiful inlay works on the monuments that greets everyone across the town. The sarees are among the finest in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk, and opulent embroidery thereby making them an expensive clothing to own. However, the brand Chanderi, specifically recognised for the laborious handlooms, encountered a stiff competition from powerlooms that was deviated by the launch of ‘Chanderiyaan’ in 2009 whose GI tag is sheltering the pride and uniqueness of Chanderi weavers. Digikargha has supported the brand in this journey and empowered many young weavers to include digital interventions in the weaving process to get in sync with the contemporary market.

Chanderi sarees bring out the elegance in oneself and nudges one to carry it in such a way that the royalty of the fabric is lived up to.

10-12 days delivery

Dry clean only

Crafted with love
Digikargha invites you to celebrate rural artisanry through a journey that starts with digitally empowered artisans and ends with those who share an aesthetic sense of expressing themselves consciously.

Authentic handmade products speaking the language of rural India.
Better livlihood, craftsmanship and creative styling driving Artisan DigiPreneurs.
Cherishing rich history and tradition entwined with the threads of love, care and wisdom.
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