Digital Artisans of India is a networking platform for artisans, designers, textile brands, academicians of NGOs, music lovers, heritage admirers and travel enthusiasts, to connect with each other and explore a world of opportunities.
It facilitates two way collaboration by promoting the work and skills of local artisans on a global platform and enabling global market to connect directly with local artisans to suit their needs.
It is an initiative of DEF (Digital Empowerment Foundation) and DigiKargha to safeguard the interests of Indian Craftsmen. All the artisans listed are skilled and digitally trained by Digital Empowerment Foundation.

Supported by

A Delhi based Digital Empowerment Foundation is an integral digital action based organization. DEF constantly acts through creation of information empowerment and equitable communities by providing digital access to information, knowledge and contextual capacity. The organization’s main focus is on to make technology easily accessible to the masses, to empower women, youth, differently abled and elderly through functional digital literacy, media literacy, and digital up-skilling across agriculture, micro and nano-business, health, education, livelihood, and entrepreneurship.
In this digital era, DEF believes that access to information and digital know-how is a necessity and hence avoid exclusion. Therefore, DEF prioritizes contextualizing, economizing and ensuring access to digital tools.

DigiKargha is a platform that celebrates the digital artisans of India in an effort to safeguard the interests of India’s craftsmen. Established as a not-for-profit Section 8 company in 2017 to lead Digital Empowerment Foundation’s efforts in the handicraft and handloom clusters towards maturity, DigiKargha bridges the gap between the producers and the consumers by eliminating the middleman intervention.
In the last couple of years, DigiKargha has become a collaborative force that connects weavers, textile conservationists and fashion designers to celebrate the glorious textile legacies of our country. While craftspeople are guaranteed a digital platform to showcase their pride and art to potential customers around the world, buyers can be assured that producers associated with DigiKargha consciously use earth-friendly raw material.
DigiKargha also supports mainstream designers’ demand for fabrics at the cluster level, which provide an additional source of income to the artisans and give them the exposure to new age market demands. Further, a range of collections are digitally designed by craftsmen with support from textile graduates to add contemporary touch to the products, yet maintaining the traditional legacy of weaving.

Program Objectives

  • To find new employment opportunities and increase the income of artisans.
  • To avoid migration to urban areas by providing local livelihood opportunities.
  • To bring about socioeconomic empowerment of women.
  • To preserve and project the traditional art and culture of India. 
Hear the stories of our Digital Artisans: