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DigiKargha is a platform that celebrates the digital artisans of India in an effort to safeguard the interests of India’s craftsmen.

Established as a not-for-profit Section 8 company in 2017 to lead Digital Empowerment Foundation’s efforts in the handicraft and handloom clusters towards maturity, DigiKargha bridges the gap between the producers and the consumers.

In the last couple of years, DigiKargha has become a joining force that connects weavers, textile conservationists and fashion designers to celebrate the glorious textiles legacy our country. 

While craftspersons are guaranteed a digital platform to showcase their pride and art to potential customers around the world, buyers can be assured that producers associated with DigiKargha use consciously using earth-friendly raw material.

Digikargha also supports mainstream designers’ demand for fabrics at the cluster level, which provide an additional source of income to the artisans and give them the exposure to new age market demands. Further, a range of collections are digitally designed by craftsman with support from textile graduates to make the products fashionable and contemporary yet traditional.